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a digital recording (as of a movie) on an optical disk that can be played on a computer or a television set

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In terms of sound quality, each HD DVD enabled notebook computer has the capability of outputting a cinema-like audio experience, through Dolby([R]) Home Theater([TM]) or Dolby Sound Room([TM]) technology.
Established in December 2004, the HD DVD Promotion Group is a voluntary organization dedicated to promoting development and assuring the early impact and long-term success of products and contents based on the new HD DVD formats.
The application suite provides video playback, video editing and authoring, data mastering, and backup solutions for virtually all optical media, including HD DVDs, DVDs, and CDs.
With more than two million HD DVD players expected in the market in North America by the end of 2007, Universal Studios Home Entertainment is committed to expanding its portfolio of compelling HD DVD content and further igniting consumer demand," said Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment.
Warner Home Video HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs offer resolution six times higher than standard definition DVDs, as well as extraordinarily vibrant contrast and color and beautifully crisp sound.
recent theatrical hit Happy Feet and the critically acclaimed films Blood Diamond and We Are Marshall will make their HD DVD debuts in 2007.
However, Toshiba will continue to provide product support for the HD DVD technology, he said.
Toshiba said no decision had been made but acknowledged it had started a review of its HD DVD business strategy.
The company will stop making HD DVD players and recorders, ending the battle with Blu-ray, a rival format being developed by electronics company Sony and partners, to determine the industry standard.
By adding the new HD DVD recordable media to its current offerings, Verbatim now offers the industry's broadest range of premium-quality HD DVD media products.
said Friday it has developed what it says is the world's first high-definition DVD drive for enabling desktop personal computers to read, and write to, HD DVD disks as well as standard DVD disks.
Electronics company Toshiba has unveiled a standard height HD DVD drive for the desktop PC, which can read and write to HD DVD and to standard DVD and CD discs.
Studios have been slowly releasing titles in the United States since the first Toshiba HD DVD player went on sale in March and the Samsung Blu-ray player followed in July.
Now, as the lead developer of Blu-ray, a next-generation high-definition optical disc format, Sony is hoping for victory over the competing HD DVD from Toshiba America Consumer Products L.
com/reports/c90301) has announced the addition of Jockeying into Position: Future Development of Full HD after Toshiba's HD DVD Exit to their offering.