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television and video equipment designed to reproduce in the home the experience of being in a movie theater


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Diving enthusiasts may be attracted to visit Davao to use the HCS since it is a medical equipment sought after by scuba divers as a safety requirement.
On this competitive segment, operational excellence is a must for Cisco HCS partners in order to provide costs savings while offering the best user experience.
Richard Rector will be retained as a leader of HCS as president and chief executive officer.
Across years, the lines selected by the HCS had significantly higher values in three of the four quality traits compared with the PRS lines and the check in both populations (Tables 1 and 2).
Already in bankruptcy, HCS was in the hands of Dutch court-appointed trustees who merely wanted a return for the HCS estate.
Under the first phase, HCS will purchase isooctane produced at Gevo's demonstration hydrocarbons plant located in Silsbee, Texas.
Telephone Campaign: HCS conducts courteous and effective telephone campaigns to prompt homeowners to resolve issues;
The company has made recent inventions in FeRAM and has developed a silicon- based design of its HCS MRAM.
What are the major products available today in the HCS marketplace?
The Cellomics platform includes automated imaging instrumentation (ArrayScan and KineticScan(R) HCS Readers and the cellWoRx(TM) High Content Cell Analysis System), BioApplication image analysis software, High Content Informatics (HCi(TM)), and HitKit(R) HCS Reagent Kits, fully integrated to improve the quality and productivity of cell-based assays.
This joint venture will implement the HCS EarlyPay(TM) platform, enabling suppliers to accelerate receivables as needed to meet demands for extra capital, strengthen balance sheets, lower financing costs and/or improve cash flow.
Where and for which applications HCS is currently being applied in drug discovery;
There is now the opportunity to fully harness HCS and to perform large-scale screens to both manipulate and measure cell constituents and functions," stated Taylor, Cellumen's Chief Executive Officer.