hydrogen cyanide

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a highly poisonous gas or volatile liquid that smells like bitter almonds

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HCN is a real estate investment trust that invests across the full spectrum of seniors housing and health care real estate.
The objectives of the present study were to evaluate productivity of cassava and to determine the chemical composition in foliage, especially the tannin and HCN content, in several different varieties harvested at three harvest frequencies.
It is observed that when HCN is readily absorbed into the blood stream of grazing ruminants, it causes cellular asphyxiation and eventually leads to death of animals (Hoveland and Monson, 1980).
The program involved an experienced nurse trained in home care and cancer care visiting patients assigned to HCN during the first week of chemotherapy.
His work also describes a cell culture developed by his team, which accurately mimics HCN function in whole mammalian hearts, making future research in the area far quicker and easier.
The study objectives were to provide a process of calculating HCN costs that reflect the unique characteristics of HCN activities as well as to determine the initial investment costs, and to compare those costs with the current HCN fees.
Describing itself as "the paper for people who care about the West," HCN offers news, analysis and commentary on water, public lands, wildlife, grazing, logging, mining, wilderness, growth, politics, and other topics of interest to the region.
HCN was probably produced by chemical reactions in the superheated gas plumes created by the impacts; C[O.
Within individual experiments HCN content of RN583 was equivalent to the HCN content of N97, and was approximately one-half the HCN content of Redlan or RTx430 (Miller, 1984).
2-4] Accurate diagnosis of HCN has relied on virtually exclusive presence of Hurthle cells and their collection in aspirate smears.
Bailey (1994) emphasized the unique educational needs for HCN, highlighting such topics as confidence in physical assessment skills, nursing diagnosis, patient teaching and counseling, and computer and documentation training.
The Cyanisorb process consists of four unit operations: conversion of cyanide and metal-cyanide complexes to HCN, stripping of HCN from tailings in a packed tower, recovery of HCN gas into an alkaline Solution, and pH adjustment of stripped tailings.
HCN is more effective on warm-blooded animals than on insects; while 72 hours of exposure to a concentration of 16,000 parts per million is required to kill insects in a delousing shed, only 15 to 20 minutes exposure at 300 parts per million is needed to kill a human being.
Nous arrivons ce soir a Geneve", a declare par telephone a l'AFP Monzer Makhous depuis Ryad en Arabie Saoudite, precisant que la delegation de negociateurs comprenait une quinzaine de membres et qu'une vingtaine d'autres representants du HCN seraient egalement presents.