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(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

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We have given an ultimatum to the HCI or we would move court after March 23", he declared.
HCI also announced that Brent Braunworth has been promoted to Director of EMS and Fire Service.
Many insurers wanted to treat the company like any other pile-driving business; but HCI understood the hardest sell is getting the insurance company to commit the resources needed to do the deal.
More than 1,250 employers now have established HCI schemes ( three times more than in 2004 ( and more were in the process of setting up schemes.
As HCI has a hotel attached to the complex, it is ideal for relatives of patients who have travelled for treatment.
So, HCI is not going away and they still wield power.
The HCI was built in the Thatcher era with foreign cash and government funds.
HCI is also planning to accommodate Glasgow's famous Beatson Cancer Treatment centre and Glasgow University Medical School.
This assessment helps to determine the type of intervention required and then triggers HCI to implement those recommendations.
HCI endorses a ban only on short-barrelledhandguns (the preferred weapon of criminals).
WASHINGTON -- First graph, last sentence of release should read: HCI, a pioneer and leader in community health improvement technologies, was presented the award on June 5 by Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.
The HCI Group is a global leader in healthcare IT consulting with headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla.
However, HII terminated the management agreement as a result of a breach by HCI of its obligations under the agreement, and as such holds the position that no termination fee is payable to HCI and intends to contest HCI's claim.
With this agreement, HCI provides unlimited access to their Executive Membership program to HRPS members.
Newcastle-based accountants RMT, who helped to pilot the HCI, have written to all North-East MPs expressing their "shock, disappointment and anger" at the Chancellor's decision and calling for it to be repealed.