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the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers

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National efforts to strengthen surveillance, alert and response, border screening, and triage and infection prevention and control in HCFs are high-priority activities in the government of Liberia's recovery plan.
After seeking care from an herbalist in her community, the patient presented to an HCF on January 4 with high fever, red eyes, and cough.
Two polypeptide bands were observed on electrophoresis of sterile HCF of cattle with molecular weights of 27kDa (log MW 1.
Electrophoretic pattern of proteins of sterile as well as fertile HCF collected from human is presented at plate 01 (3,lane A,B) and plate 02 (7, lane A,B) respectively.
As has been identified in every known qualitative study of delivery care determinants in Ghana, and in numerous other low-income settings, pregnant women expressed fears of what could at best be described as social distance, and at worst physical and verbal abuse, by midwives at HCFs (22,28,29,30,32).
This speaks to the challenges faced by many HCFs in low-income countries which are under-staffed, under-resourced, and have limited availability of transitional care.
The purpose of Ring IPC was to provide intensive IPC support (3,4) to HCFs in areas of active Ebola transmission, thus forming a strategically placed protective ring of intensified IPC attention around persons with known Ebola to help break the chain of transmission.
These clinicians were deployed to 36 target HCFs in Monteserrado County to provide onsite daily triage mentoring and support for the duration of the high-risk exposure monitoring period, or for at least 2 weeks.
Bill issued April 1, 1998: water usage, 9 HCF; sewer usage: 13 HCF.
Regarding the infectious control in the health facilities through the hospital waste management team/personals, only six HCFs had this system, whereas nine HCFs did not have any control.
Six of the hospitals with indoor facilities were the only HCFs having management for weighing the waste generated.
After landfall of Hurricane Katrina, in collaboration with state and local health departments, CDC developed and disseminated guidelines anda form for reporting daily aggregate morbidity surveillance data for persons evaluated in ECs and HCFs (e.
All four states reported morbidity surveillance data from ECs; Louisiana and Mississippi also collected and reported surveillance data from HCFs to determine the extent of injuries and acute conditions resulting from the hurricane and to monitor HCF capacity and needs.
If you go above that new allotment, and out of Tier 1 into Tier 2 (where the big water users live), you pay more - about $2 more for every HCF you go over.
I was happily surprised to learn that I currently use about 5 HCF cubic feet per billing period - nearly 19 HCF below my allotment.