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the largest integer that divides without remainder into a set of integers

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Nestle says, however, that the percentage of fructose is the same in HCFS and cane or beet sugar--about 50%.
Frustration in the continued lack of community-based resources [that is, SNFs, HCFs, and so forth] prevents us from effectively moving patients out of the hospital.
The HCFCs and safer HCFs that are currently available do not chill as well, however, and costly retrofit conversions must be made to refrigeration equipment in order to use them.
Olson was previously employed by HCFS, a provider of custom research to money managers.
In this issue's Expert's Corner on page 42, Pete Rivera, a consultant manager at Hayes Management Consulting (and a member of HCfs blogging team), explains why it's now time for the healthcare industry to provide EMR support to small physician groups.
As discussed below, HCFS and sucrose are not the same, which might be why so much effort was made to convince doctors otherwise.