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The baboons were serologically negative, and the 1 baboon examined histologically had mild focal lobular hepatitis, and HBcAg was detected in liver tissue by immunohistochemical staining.
The HBcAg is a marker of the infectious viral material and it is the most accurate index of viral replication.
HBcAg Test Volume and Diagnostics Sales Forecast by Market Segment U.
In this study, Inovio developed a synthetic DNA vaccine which is encoded for the HBcAg antigen and represents a consensus of the unique HBcAg DNA sequences of all major HBV genotypes (A through E).
The immunological data have demonstrated that all subjects mounted a T-cell proliferative response to both the HBcAg and to groups of peptides representing the whole sequence of HBcAg, indicating that the antigen had been successfully delivered to the immune system in all subjects.