light-emitting diode

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diode such that light emitted at a p-n junction is proportional to the bias current

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The packaged HB LEDs will be used as demonstration products to showcase the technology to larger HB LED manufacturers.
EZ-Color HB LED controllers can support up to 16 LED channels, compared to four or five channels for competitive devices.
In January 2011, GT initiated an extensive sapphire material qualification project to determine the sapphire material "metrics that matter" in the manufacturing processes of HB LED devices.
Executive Vice President of Veeco's Compound Semiconductor Business, "MaxBright's value proposition is clear: it's the highest productivity MOCVD system for HB LED manufacturing on the market.
The company is the premier provider of market research on high-brightness LEDs, and is the organizer of the highly regarded annual conference Strategies in Light, which is focused on the HB LED industry.
com/research/4d6480/seoul_semiconducto) has announced the addition of the "Seoul Semiconductor Z-Power LED P9 HB LED Reverse Costing" report to their offering.
This is the first conference on HB-LEDs organized specifically to inform the investor community about this dynamic industry, and we are delighted to join with Adams Harkness in providing investors an opportunity to obtain accurate and up-to-date information from all levels of the HB LED supply chain" said Robert Steele, Director of Optoelectronics at Strategies Unlimited, a co-sponsor of the conference and a leader in HB-LED market research.
The LDS8991 is ideal for HB LED photoflash and torch for digital cameras, video cameras and smart phones, where continuous light is needed for video capture under low light conditions.
HV9910 is the solution to meet customer needs for a low cost, simple HB LED driver for high voltage, off-line applications or low voltage, 12V to 45VDC battery-powered systems," states Brian Hedayati, Director of Marketing at Supertex.
The report also shows that LED capacity will need to rise by 352% from 2009 to 2014 to keep up with demand, driving tool shipments throughout the HB LED supply chain.
The SC446 expands Semtech's popular HB LED driver platform for mid-size LCD panels in indoor/outdoor displays for automotive, industrial, white goods, avionics, medical and gaming equipment - applications where the high reliability, shock resistance and mercury-free benefits of LEDs are displacing traditional fluorescent (CCFL) bulbs.
Recent industry forecasts released by Strategies Unlimited, Mountain View, California, show that the HB LED market grew to $1.
The CPC9909 High Brightness (HB) LED Driver for a Wide Variety of HB LED Applications
In an August 2009 report, "High-Brightness LED Market Review and Forecast 2009," research firm Strategies Unlimited forecast the HB LED market to grow from $5.
The LDS8680 has two channels, one channel can drive one HB LED up to 800mA, and the other channel can drive up to 400mA.