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United States journalist and literary critic (1880-1956)

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A freshman composition class usually gets the famous section in which Wright borrows a white man's library card and forges a note in order to get books by H.
Penn Jillette is the louder, bigger half of the magic/comedy team of Penn & Teller, He is a Cato Institute H.
I believe that John poured five years of his life into the founding editorship of the ACCI journal Advancing the Consumer Interest because he had been exposed, perhaps in the womb, to the ideas of two other journalists: Walter Lippmann and H.
The new world of journalism can be a frightening place for old school reporters, especially those who subscribe to the H.
used this sentence to make a point about a meeting in Baltimore at which H.
As an actor, too, he gave memorable interpretations--the title role in Pal Joey, and his cynical reporter in Inherit the Wind deftly caught the spleen, if not the character, of H.
As Inherit the Wind's Clarence Darrow character says to its H.
Indeed, it is the archetypal "easy solution" that journalist H.
Blackmur, Northrop Frye, Alfred Kazin, and others--and the writings of professional critics such as H.
The site was rejected in 1984 as a landmark, but is still being sought by some community groups because it used to be a favorite eatery and watering hole for notables such as Diamond Jim Brady, Theodore Roosevelt, H.
This year's nonfiction judges include Eric Blehm, 2006 Discover Award winner for The Last Season, and the author of The Only Thing Worth Dying For; journalist Christina Lamb, 2003 Discover Award finalist for The Sewing Circles of Herat, and author of The Africa House and House of Stone; and Terry Teachout, a drama and culture critic, whose work includes a biography of H.
Hornbeck - are based on real people involved in the case: William Jennings Bryan, Clarence Darrow, John Scopes and H.
As the story goes, he was so taken with her poems that he sent a few to H.
Building on that same sense of security and belonging, H.
Following are sections devoted to some stellar authors, including Elizabeth Bowen, Albert Camus, Willa Cather, Raymond Chandler, Roald Dahl, Kahlil Gibran, Dashiell Hammett, John Hersey, Langston Hughes, Thomas Mann, and H.