Hans Christian Andersen

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a Danish author remembered for his fairy stories (1805-1875)


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Sah ich zum erstenmal die Donau: Hans Christian Andersen in Osterreich (Vienna: Jugend & Volk, 1979) and in Da Andersenvar i Wien: H.
El escritor aleman Gunter Grass, Nobel de Literatura 1999 fue nominado al Premio HCA2005 y se eligieron mas de un centenar de personalidades extranjeras como Embajadores H.
Many performed at or attended the gala opening and closing ceremonies, and informed their own countries about H.
production in association with SVT, NRK with support of H.
The Windowmaker is trying to assassinate her; her nemesis, the Goliath Corporation, is now a theological entity; the fictional Yorrick Caine, Chancellor of England, is about to become permanent dictator and is behind many of the plots against Thursday as well as against anything Danish (works of Kierkegaard and H.