H. pylori

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the type species of genus Heliobacter

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No clear consensus exists on the best test to detect H.
The researchers focused on children, identifying 4,787 who didn't have an H.
Despite the limitations of this study, our results clearly indicate that H.
In a study of healthy blood donors, 147 were found to have H.
And in a study of Finnish male smokers, those with evidence of having had H.
The Flexsure[R] HP kit (SmithKline Diagnostics, San Jose, CA) includes the high-molecular-mass cell-associated protein (HMCAP), an antigen highly specific to H.
The study found that nearly 90% of ulcer sufferers and people considered at risk for ulcer disease have never heard of H.
Most people younger than 50 who have peptic ulcer symptoms and who test positive for H.
Although all of the above antibiotics are sold in the United States, the FDA has not yet approved the use of antibiotics for treatment of H.
Recently, the American Gastroenterological Association issued important guidelines that recommend against the use of tests that detect H.
de/splits/) with pairwise distance estimated with the Kimura model, to detect phylogenetic incongruence and show how recombination might affect the evolutionary relationships between H.
Twenty years later, with the modern knowledge that half the world's people harbor H.
Out of the 12 studies on this subject presented this year [at the meeting], 9 suggest that eradication of H.
pylori) could significantly benefit from the recent National Institutes of Health (NIH) panel's recommendation that doctors should test for H.