Homo erectus

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extinct species of primitive hominid with upright stature but small brain

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But between 8 years of age and maturity, even chimps get considerably taller and heavier than Graves and her colleagues say Turkana Boy did, Ruff said, a sign that Graves' team underestimated adolescent growth in H.
With the new Dmanisi dates, it certainly looks as though the African origin of H.
However, new research presented on April 14 suggests the H.
Philip Rightmire isn't surprised by the sign of an earlier arrival of H.
14 Science, the researchers say that the new pelvis challenges a proposal that both sexes of H.
Although it's impossible to confirm that our prehistoric ancestors talked, Meyer notes, H.
Eswaran's solution: Evidence of ancient nuclear DNA sequences in Asian populations, much of it dating to between 1 million and 500,000 years ago, reflects the genetic contributions of species such as H.
The scientists compared that virtual brain with portraits generated from six H.
The two lice lineages diverged at about the time that a genetic split occurred between H.
The prehistoric child died at around age 1 but already possessed a brain case that was at least three-quarters the size of that for an average adult H.
This discovery challenges the view that evolution proceeded gradually from a fast-growing chimplike ancestor around 8 million years ago to a slower-growing H.
Stone Age specimens possessing the full anatomical signature of H.
Bednarik and a team of Indonesian boat makers and craftsmen built the raft out of natural materials, using sharpened stone tools comparable to those wielded by H.