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shaped in the form of the letter H

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The transition to the H-shaped support rail will make installation simpler, even on a 45 degree angle, and eliminate the need for extra hardware.
With its dramatic h-shaped design, it will comprise a 201-metre waterfront community with 43 storeys, 260 guest rooms and a penthouse level "Sky Pod" restaurant which will offer extensive views of the Arabian Gulf.
Independent suspension all round helps the all-wheel-drive models to stay planted on the ground, while the front-drive models have an H-shaped torsion bar at the back.
H-shaped columns with head stud shear connectors between flat slabs and H-shaped columns are generally used as pre-founded columns in Korea.
The model features LED-infused headlights and a H-shaped grille.
Instead, engineers use some unique chemical properties of silicon to etch the accelerometer's fingers and H-shaped section.
Built out of terra-cotta stucco, the H-shaped residence combines Spanish and Italian style.
Another neat trick is the H-shaped torsion beam rear suspension which allows for a much lower rear floor while at the same time providing increased body rigidity and enhanced crash protection.
The prime riverside spot is occupied by an H-shaped block by Alvaro Siza, and Fretton's C-shaped addition, which contains 74 apartments of 90-180[m.
An H-shaped golden garnet under a magnifying glass; and, right, a silver gild horse shape fitting
The 287 patent encompasses both an H-shaped fastener and a delivery method.
The concreted foundation of a designed H-shaped water tower is shown in Figure 1, while a completely constructed water tower is illustrated in Figure 2.
Also, the original staircase locations were at the corners of the H-shaped building.
A path around the edge of the front courtyard leads visitors to the main entrance, located in the middle of the H-shaped building.