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Synonyms for zero hour

moment of truth


Synonyms for zero hour

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the time set for the start of an action or operation

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Watson and Tsouras reported a total of 1,700 Rangers dropped at both Torrijos-Tocumen and Rio Hato at H-hour.
Note that Watson and Tsouras' work refers in one passage to 1,700 Rangers jumping at H-hour (at Rio Hato and Torrljos-Tocumen) followed by 2,000 Airborne troopers in the second jump at Torrijos-Tocumen; another section, however, refers to a total of 4,000 that "parachuted in.
h]) is the precipitation average in an h-hour interval (mm);
h]] are the precipitation variances in an h-hour interval ([mm.
The probability that the h-hour depth period is dry is given by
This contingency had been addressed during the planning process: The brigade commander had stated that early activity would not initiate H-Hour prematurely, especially since the operation depended upon the synchronized arrival of other units flying in from the United States.
The situation rapidly degenerated into confusion well before H-Hour.
As 0200 approached, we were quite surprised to continue hearing persistent gunfire so long after H-Hour.
H-hour for the first assault waves on Omaha 10:12 a.