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the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle

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In order to claim that proposed antenna design was suitable for communication with any active NFC antenna, various simulations were performed to measure H-field, Directivity and Gain for the proposed antenna.
Inside the conductor (assuming it isn't a perfect conductor), that changing h-field induces changing e-fields and associated eddy currents.
Also included in the set are the SX-E 03, an E-field probe for frequencies between 1 GHz and 10 GHz with an electrode on the underside of the probe head sized approximately 4 x 4 mm; and the SX-R 3-1, an H-field probe for frequencies between 1 GHz and 10 GHz with a very small probe head to identify even the smallest components as a source of interference.
In fact, when the in-body capsule moves away from the RX antenna, the H-field lines received by the on-body antenna can be optimized by the rotation of the TX antenna.
This effective phenomena of the E-field and H-field distribution indicates that a coupled microstrip line with its arc-shaped open-end induces a better symmetrical E-field distribution than just a straight microstrip couple line.
However, it must be noted that this product is not effective in 73-2A applications where H-Field performance is crucial.
Thebenchtop scanner's 1,218 H-field probes are spaced every 7.
z]([rho], [phi])/[partial derivative][rho], the corresponding [phi] component of the H-field in region (I) is
The electric field is computed directly, and the user can view either the E- or H-field for each frequency.
Fast and efficient DC solver (for IR drop verification) -- 64-bit capability for all solvers -- Frequency-dependent source implementation -- Linear interpolation to fit external source datasets -- External sources can have frequency-dependent impedance -- Frequency-dependent material model (Djordjevic-Sarkar) -- Causal trace and via models -- Visualization of near E and H fields -- Clip Design tool to quickly remove extraneous portions of complex designs -- Improved dynamic link between SIwave and HFSS -- Link based on both E- and H-field -- Automated frequency spectrum transfer using dynamic link to Nexxim v3.
As explained in the 7405 datasheet, "The loop probes are H-field selective and directional.