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girder having a cross section resembling the letter 'I'

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The 2,800-pound H-beam is part of the wreckage from the World Trade Center towers that fell in New York City on Sept.
8 MW utility scale ground mount installation of 25,086 FS-275 modules and Satcom inverters using H-Beam pilings and a fixed mount flex rack mounting system.
Projects which were formerly done solely through some form of H-Beam and lagging and/or tight sheeting methodology can now be achieved by utilizing the open track system.
Feng Hsin now quotes scrap steel at NT$12,900 per metric ton and deformed bar at NT$20,600, and NT$21,800 per metric ton for steel H-beam.
It has H-beam construction and heavy-duty barrel support to sustain overhung loads and manifold expansion forces.
It is also suitable for drilling connecting plate while pre assembling, and also H-beam or H-beam block of bridge.
government against H-beam steel products imported from abroad, the steelmakers said.
They are an effective sales and marketing partner to the engineering and contractor base that specifies and uses our sheet piling and H-beam piling throughout North America.
The company currently specializes in development and production of steel round bars and H-beam steel.
The H-beam parts, molded around a steel tube, can support a load of 60,000 pounds.
445 in between station NOQ-SMTA and including supply, fitting & fixing of H-beam sleeper, rocker roller bearing, linking of track and other connected ancillary works in connection with patch doubling work in between section NCB-SMTA of N.
The long stroke gives the engine lots of torque," says O'Hagan, "and we've used H-beam connecting rods for extra strength.