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an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades)

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It continued: "For unknown reasons the gyrocopter fell into the water at Skydive Dubai Palm Dropzone.
Over the next year he flew through 18 countries in Europe, the Middle East and east across Asia to Japan where the gyrocopter was put in storage for three years.
FAA Administrator Michael Huerta told a House committee that the slow-moving gyrocopter appeared as an ''irregular symbol'' on radar monitored by air traffic controllers.
I want to know all the facts before I reach an assessment of what can and should be done about gyrocopters in the future," he said.
He noted that if the same thing was being referred to, then it was just a drone or a gyrocopter with LED lights that someone was flying.
The gyrocopter crashed and caught fire near the runway at the Sama aviation club in Jeddah, killing two people on board," authorities said, without, however, identifying the victims.
The Bond in Motion exhibition will also include the white Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me which famously doubled as a submarine plus the Little Nellie gyrocopter in You Only Live Twice.
GYROCOPTER Save PS20, now half-price at just PS20, at The Science Museum Shop, www.
Dr Wucher's experience as a gyrocopter pilot started as a hobby.
The gang also tried their hands at flying a gyrocopter and attended tattoo conventions, besides going on a tour to Nelson Mandela's Prison Island.
In 1947 experts predicted that by the year 2000: helicopter or gyrocopter will be in every garage, we will travel by nuclear powered aircrafts and trains, all diseases will be cured, we will have 30 hour work week, Moon base will exist and we will live on Mars (Welles, 2005).
So far, my fave experience has to be the gyrocopter flight over Ullswater Lake in Cumbria (www.
The patented vehicle flies in the air like a gyrocopter with lift generated by an auto-rotating rotor and forward speed produced by a foldable push propeller on the back.
A subsidiary of Caraveel Entertainment, an entertainment group formed in 1972 in Jordan, RAK Sky Eagles offers adventurers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go sky diving, powered parachuting, parasailing, or gyrocopter flying.
Its exhibits include a 1930s gyrocopter, a girder from the Tay Bridge, the jaws of a sperm whale and a railway signal tower.