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Hepatoprotective effects of saponarin, isolated from Gypsophila tri-chotoma Wend, of cocaine-induced oxidative stress in rats.
Gypsophila 'Baby's Breath' will bestow delicate, baby-pink blooms and there were so many seedlings that I have transplanted quite a number - and they eventually forgave me for this - but the rest I have left to form a pink forest.
Lavender Dwarf Munstead; Lavatera Pastel Mixed; Cornflower Double Mixed; Iceland Poppies Meadow Pastels Mixed; Everlasting Flowers Mixed; Gypsophila Covent Garden White; Helichrysum Tall Double Mixed; Larkspur Giant Imperial Mixed; Poppy Paeony Flowered Mixed.
She wore a handmade, ankle-length dress of white dupioni silk with a soft-pink satin sash and bow and a halo of gypsophila and white tea roses.
Main flowers grown are carnations, roses, gerberas, gladiolus, freesia, helianthus, liatries, lilies (oriental and asiatic), mathiola, statice and chrysanthemum in Baqa'a and Madaba, while producers in the Jordan valley region grow gypsophila and foliage (e.
In the foreground, the large, maplelike leaves of Heuchera micrantha 'Palace Purple' accent a sea of soft green thyme and the dainty pink-and-white flowers of Gypsophila repens.
Alyssum, gypsophila, larkspur, candytuft and acroclinum are suggested.
Alyssum, Canterbury Bell, Cornflower, Gypsophila, Indian Pink, Larkspur, Love in a Mist, Nasturtium, Pansy, Poppy, Pot Marigold and Sweet William.
Sainsbury already has six British growers in its partnership scheme, and last summer went further by announcing its first overseas links with Kenya based Oserian Development Company which grows roses, spray carnations, chrysanthemums, asters, gypsophila, lisianthus, alstromeria, statis and several types of foliage on over 1000 acres.
The most popular flower in Japan by far is chrysanthemums, followed by carnations, roses, gypsophila and statice.
Currently, the Company has had success in trials with the following varieties: Roses, Solidago, Gypsophila, Limonium, Carnations and Wax flowers.
This is just a favourite selection of mine - there are lots more to choose from, including calendula, eschscholzia, linaria, corncockle, iberis, gypsophila, sunflowers.
In keeping with the Easter theme, the decorations and flowers were as colourful as possible, with a selection of tulips, gypsophila and daisies in the floral arrangements.
Herbaceous plants with fibrous crowns such as achillea, doronicum, geum, gypsophila, hemerocallis, montarda, phlox, rudbeckia, thalictrum and veronica are the easiest to divide, the best time after the flowers have died back and new shoots and roots are forming.