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the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygiene of women

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Less encouraging, however, is the continued abusive use of coerced gynecological examinations, and a lack of progress in the recruitment of female police officers.
Follow-up after surgery was done at 2 months, 6 months, 12 months and then yearly for 3 years, with a history and physical exam, including a gynecological examinations.
If the gynecological examination and visit are seen as routine, as she matures the young woman is much more likely to view it as a part of responsible preventive health care.
R began resisting the yearly routine gynecological examination.
Gopal performed a gynecological examination on Haddad.
During her second year, Janet received some instruction in how to do a pelvic exam, but she realizes that she needs more experience to become adept at this important part of the gynecological examination.
These are all visual observations of VVA assessed during gynecological examination and were pre-defined secondary endpoints in the study.
Response for the patients treated in the study was evaluated by gynecological examination and CT-scan.
The single and multiple exposure tolerance study of Ushercell gel assessed safety (by gynecological examination and subject symptoms) and product leakage.
Annual routine gynecological examination and PAP test
Lot 1 2 gynecological examination chairs (total) a colonoscope; Lot 2 2 Delivery beds (electric); Lot 3 Family Birthing Beds incl.
Part 2 - gynecological examination chair and a folding screen protector female cervical screening (for a detailed description of the dossier)
Contract awarded for Of rodable mercury sphygmomanometers, aneroid sphygmomanometers, bevel, podoscope, gynecological examination table, set the basic operative camilla available, set of cures, podiatry set, stainless steel trays, stainless steel kidney, set nasal packing, suture set, set, minor surgery, soiled material transport truck, transport truck clean material, sealing, refrigerators, microwaves, briefcase field examination lamps
2 part - gynecological examination chair and a folding screen protector female cervical screening (detailed description of the documentation);
Contract awarded for Acquisition of rodable mercury sphygmomanometers, adult scale with height rod, infant scale, bevel, podoscope, gynecological examination table, examination lamp, set, instrumental specula, september cures, set diu, gynecological september trays operative examination and basic set