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a female gametoecium

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Consider the names: gynaeceum, harem, seraglio, zenama, purdah.
61) This location, adjacent to the northern women's aisle (the gynaeceum (62)) on the ground floor, indicates that their duties included general oversight or management of the gynaeceum, just as the Apostolic Constitutions prescribed for deaconesses in the early church.
In this inaccessible place Artemis brought up the girls who were given into her care, returning them a year later to the city, the gynaeceum and the world of men.
41) When Simo questions Tranio in surprise about Theopropides' proposed additions, the slave explains: dare volt uxorem filio quantum potest, / ad eam rem facere volt novom gynaeceum ("He wants to get a wife for his son as soon as possible, and for this he wants to make a new gynaeceum," 758-59).
It cannot just be because their object is secluded women, otherwise our interest in Greek gynaeceum would be as keen.
In Amman's Gynaeceum, many women hold hankies, including a German princess (B2v), a noble maiden of Saxony (C3), and an Ausburg woman of the lower class (E4).
41) If the romance Yvain may be trusted to reflect twelfth-century expectations, young women taken as hostages were also thought appropriate staff for the gynaeceum.
The mothers of Saint Teresa of Avila, Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995, Chapter 2: Constanza de Castilla and the Gynaeceum of Compassion, p.
In a vehement attack on Pietist women, Feustking connected women's spirituality with heresy in his Gynaeceum Haeretico Fanaticum.