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athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training


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Like most traditional gyms, Monolithic Dome sports facilities usually feature high-gloss, hard maplewood flooring.
We are delighted to be working with Holmes Place in Poland as it further expands the network of gyms we can offer to customers.
These new gyms will join the company's existing 12 Gold's Gym locations in Austin, proving the city is one of its most successful markets to date.
LIPO: Martine Harney carries out a treatment at Warehouse Lipo Lounge * GYM: Andy Peacock who runs the Honley gym, situated in Crossley Mills
Many gyms aim their promotional offers at eager new members.
The number of people who belong to gyms rose 8 percent to 15 percent between 2002 to 2003, according to IHRSA.
Precor has signed an agreement with World Gym International to be their premier fitness equipment provider.
With more than 100 new gyms in the past five years, and another 85 gyms under contract, the pop-culture icon has now established its global presence on every continent with the exception of Antarctica, ensuring the sun never sets on the Gold's Gym brand.
The book also includes plan, progress and exercise logs to take to the gym while working out.
Our Grand Opening celebration will give the entire community a chance to experience what makes our gyms different.
Active Lifestyles has introduced Junior Gym sessions to all its gyms across Calderdale.
It's that time of year when gyms start flexing their sales muscle as Americans resolve to finally get in shape for the year ahead.
Global Fitness Holdings, LLC, the largest Gold's Gym franchisee in the world, which ranks in the top 25 Fitness Holding Companies in North America, is proud to announce the development of 4 more state-of-the-art Gold's Gyms in Louisville (Middletown, St.