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member of a Hindu sect practicing gymnosophy (especially nudism)

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Alexander the Great and the Indian Gymnosophists in the Hebrew Tradition.
The Gymnosophists, to the man ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) Alexander, write this letter:
57) Meroe's government pursues a celestial harmony through the worship of the Sun and Moon, with a priest-king at its head and an advisory council of philosopher/saints, the Gymnosophists, and thus has correspondences with the solar/celestial oriented theologies of later antiquity as well as philosophical utopias like Iambulus' City of the Sun, Zeno of Citium's Stoic Cosmopolis or Campanella's much later City of the Sun.
Later in the book, Sisimithres, the head of the gymnosophists, will interpret this series of events as a sign that the planned rites are not acceptable to the gods:
The tradition of an encounter between Alexander and the gymnosophists originated with Onesicritus, pupil of Diogenes.
In that way, he creatively proposed, sounding almost like the Indian gymnosophists he had so hoped to meet, that Soul gives rise to time.
The indictment of Brahmin gymnosophists (mendicant ascetics, portrayed as socially parasitic) is as old as antiquity, except that the ones being indicted in antiquity for being like the Brahmin gymnosophists were the Christians.