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Synonyms for Gymnopilus

a genus of fungus characterized by the orange color of the spore deposit

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Fireweed; infrequent; Gymnopilus Meadow, north end of Farmer's Field, and North Vernal Pool; BSUH 8034.
Annual fleabane; frequent; Gymnopilus Meadow, edge, and mesic woods; BSUH 8035.
Purple-node Joe-pye weed; infrequent; Gymnopilus Meadow and edge; BSUH 8038.
Yellowtop; infrequent; Gymnopilus Meadow, east edge, and open areas in mesic woods; BSUH 8053.
Stickseed; infrequent; Gymnopilus Meadow and mesic woods; BSUH 8075.
Honeysuckle; rare; northeast end of Gymnopilus Meadow (one plant, not flowering); BSUH 8058.
Colic-root; rare; north edge of Gymnopilus Meadow; BSUH 8141.
Rough cinquefoil; infrequent; Farmer's Field and Gymnopilus Meadow; BSUH 8275.