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Synonyms for sock

Synonyms for sock

a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

hit hard

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We'd much prefer to think that it may just be the case of these respondents receiving a string of gym socks, melted chocolates and other desirable gifts, resulting in this Scrooge-like behaviour.
When it's ripe and ready to eat, the durian can make a whole house smell a little like old gym socks.
The resulting attraction even keeps lockers stuffed with smelly gym socks and crumpled math homework looking good.
Except instead of the traditional morning list of gym socks, trainers, keys, briefcase, he wanted a piece of paper.
However, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, right, stole the show at Zootopia, in New Jersey, wearing a gymslip outfit complete with shorts and gym socks
Hitch's ultimate project is Albert (James), a timid man who wears white gym socks with loafers and turns mealtime into an adventure in stains.
For a month or so in 1963, the New York journalist, Gloria Steinem, posed as a Playboy Bunny and published a damning report of bizarre medical examinations, inadequate bosoms augmented with gym socks, appallingly low pay and constant propositions.
It's a haven of self-expression, complete with photos of friends and pop idols, the ever-essential hair brush or backpack, and the occasional pair of smelly gym socks.