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a capacious bag or basket

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Or display some fitness pretence by throwing a sporty luxe gym bag on your shoulder - filled with anything but workout gear naturally.
Sodini's last diary entry, on August 3, 2009 - the day before the rampage - said: "The notes in my gym bag can be published freely.
There's thickening shampoo and a light conditioner to throw in the gym bag.
Its patented folding unit fits easily into a beach bag, purse, glove box, gym bag, etc.
Ambitious office workers arrive at their desk armed with two mobile phones, an iPod, a decaf cappuccino coffee and a gym bag, according to research.
Then the other day I emptied Greg's gym bag and found her knickers.
Keep water with you all day long - in the car, in your purse, in your gym bag, at your desk.
Two lucky readers stand to win 150 [pounds sterling] Red Letter Days vouchers, and 10 runners-up will each get a Flora gym bag.
Out of the 2,000 participants, 1,600 received a gym bag for maintaining their weight.
There are several new ones in the Palm line, and the smallest fits nicely into a dance or gym bag without crowding out anything vital.
Police officers should note any bandages or tape on the suspicious person's fingers and the existence of any "shims," credit cards not in the name of the person, or a "prop" gym bag that contains dry clothing because these thieves do not exercise or shower at the targeted facility.
Jones recalls an older brother chastising him for "sitting like a girl," while DePaola recalls his father buying him a gym bag so he could "hide" his tap shoes on his way to dance class.
It is easy to throw into a gym bag or eat while driving without making a mess (box of eight tubes is $2.
In "AzScam," the Grand Canyon State's brush with slime, a state representative in line to chair the House Judiciary Committee was caught on camera bringing a nylon gym bag to the office of a lobbyist and stuffing $55,000 into it.
Olympic Barbie comes in a gymnastics uniform, complete with her own gym bag and hairbrush.