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Celtic sky god

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Betsan Llwyd's performance as a moody Arianrhod always in the background but with telling monologues contrasts with Eiry Thomas' strutting Gwydion whose passing glances at the audience occasionally lighten the tension.
The curse was placed on him by his mother, Arianrhod, and she takes a prominent role in Eirian's version of the tale, overseeing events with god-like omniscience as an opposing force to her brother Gwydion, the magician who raised Llew but who also conceived him through rape.
as Al' Gwydion Rhys gave a towering performance as Alan Turing and the portrayal is someone who would now be regarded as an autistic person and respected as such.
From Gwydion, who smiles patronizingly saying, "Princess.
On a morning that starts like all other mornings in the hamlet of Caer Dallben, Taran begs to learn sword fighting instead of blacksmithing and dreams of meeting his hero, Prince Gwydion.
Jack Brymer, clarinet; Gwydion Brooke, bassoon; Sir Thomas Beecham, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
Math fab Mathonwy ("Math Son of Mathonwy") is a complex tale focusing on Math, a prince of northern Wales, his nephew Gwydion, and Gwydion's nephew Lleu Llaw Gyffes ("Lleu Skilled Hand"); among many other events, Gwydion's magic and duplicity lead to the death of Pryderi.
The real identity of the master-harpist Glascurion seems to the present writer to be found in Gwydion son of Don, the famous otherworld magician, craftsman, story-teller, and bard of the Welsh: a Celtic Orpheus and more.
Dyma'r geiriad ar y gofeb: EMRYS ROBERTS (1929 - 2012) Pennaeth Ysgol y Banw Archdderwydd, Bardd a Llenor Troi hud gwyddorau'n eiriau wnaeth y bardd O bair ei ddewiniaeth, hwn oedd Gwydion barddoniaeth - gwyddonydd a phrydydd ffraeth.
Gwydion Rhys, who you may remember from his stunning performance as Alan Turing in To Kill A Machine, does not disappoint as the "man".
The five playwrights are Bob Bartlett, Renee Calarco, Allyson Currin, Caleen Sinnette Jennings and Gwydion Suilebhan.
Meddai'i weyr, Gwydion Griffiths, sy'n berchen y gadair replica erbyn hyn yn ei gartref yng Nghaerdydd: ".
Ruthin Town secured a 3-2 success over Buckley Town, Gwydion If an and Mike Garrod putting the hosts in control.
The other places were taken by Welsh shearers Gwydion Davies (third) and Gethin Lewis (fifth), with "Scots-Maori" Emily Te Kapa sandwiched between them.
Bu hi'n wythnos wych i Osian rhwng pob dim - rhwng drymio yn sioe Gwydion, canu gyda'r parti cerdd dant, ennill Tlws y Cerddor a chloi Maes B ar y nos Sadwrn.