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(Arthurian legend) wife of King Arthur


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Gwenhwyfar is tough as nails as she tries to reconcile herself with her new position waiting hand-and-foot for "the brat.
As she learns, "in the end stories are all that matter," and she deliberately crafts her own legend about Gwenhwyfar for posterity.
Earlier, I examined the incident in Peredur where a stranger knight horrifies Arthur and his court by pouring wine over Gwenhwyfar and stealing the chalice.
Guinevere is the old French form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar, which is composed of the elements gwen meaning "fair, white" and hwyfar meaning "smooth".
Soap-opera-style plot-description alert: Arthur also hooks up with a watery Gwenhwyfar (that's Guinevere to you and me, and played by Mathis), who stiffs Morgaine by forcing her to marry the father of the man she truly loves (of course, both she and Guinevere have a thing for Lancelot, but that's yet another story).