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city in southwestern South Korea

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Implementing agency : Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education Gwangju Metropolitan City Western Education Support Office
According to the committee, the Army fired at Gwangju residents from 500MD and UH-1H helicopters on May 21 and 27, and fighter jets armed with bombs were on standby as backup during the uprising.
A link with K-League club Gwangju came about as the father of McGinn's former Celtic team-mate Ki Sung-yueng is the club's president.
Rink stressed that FISU will cooperate with the Gwangju Universiade Organizing Committee (GUOC) to try their best to make the event safe.
By way of illustration, Weizman inscribed the actual footprints of those places--labeled TEHRAN, TARIH, and so on--into a Gwangju intersection through a series of painted concentric orbits so that these democratic "turns" can be read as a model for a new Copernican Revolution.
Japan named Yokohama, a port city known for international exchanges, while China chose Quanzhou, an ancient trading port in southern Fujian Province, and South Korea picked Gwangju, a city with more than 2,000 years of history.
The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Korea) is in the process of turning the city of Gwangju into the Hub City of Asian Culture.
shareholders meeting of Samsung Gwangju Electronics.
Over past few years, the city of Gwangju, 500 kilometres south of Seoul, has been witnessing the biggest annual event of social moment activists, outside the World Social Forum.
We're very pleased to be showcasing PowerLight's industry leading solar technology and products here in Gwangju," said Mayor Gwang Tae Park, "and are extremely proud that PowerLight has selected Korea as the headquarters for its operations in Asia.
Viejo led the six-member consular outreach team in bringing various services to the Filipino Community in Gwangju including passport application and renewal, civil registration, NBI clearance application, notarial services, and citizenship reacquisition, among others.
Police traced the thief based on the size, pattern and other details of the footprints and caught a suspect, surnamed Seo, 39, at a motel in Gwangju.
Bangkok bears a striking resemblance to Gwangju three decades ago.
Yongwoo Lee, the general artistic director of the Gwangju Biennale 2004, certainly came up with an original and courageous take on the problem: Starting from the insight that viewers are equal partners in the making of an artwork, he decided to pair each invited artist with a "viewer-participant," an individual unconnected to the artist and his or her work (or rather, since the viewer-participants were selected first, to pair each viewer-participant with an artist according to the aesthetic inclinations, or other relevant attributes, of the former).
RICHARDSON, Texas -- TXP-TEXAS PROTOTYPES, Inc, global provider of prototyping electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for original equipment and contract manufacturers, and the Republic of Korea's Gwangju Metropolitan City, Photonics 2010 Initiative have entered into a mutual business and investment cooperation relationship.