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city in southwestern South Korea

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I will assure you that with the cooperation of the city of Gwangju and health officials with the local organizing committee, we will continue to be vigilant," he said.
It will travel some 3,700 kilometers in South Korea before reaching Gwangju for the opening ceremony.
The get-together in Gwangju, involving Japan's education and culture minister Hakubun Shimomura, China's culture minister Cai Wu and South Korea's culture minister Yoo Jin Ryong, is the first Cabinet-level meeting of the three countries since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assumed office last December.
Adil Al Zarooni said, "Jafza and Gwangju Technopark share a common vision of increasing the FDI in our respective countries.
Local journalists believe that Gwangju is a testimony to preserve democracy.
Young Hwan Jeon of Solar & Park, the extraordinary support of Mayor Park of Gwangju City, the City's devoted officers, the Kimdaejung Convention Center, and the commitment of the many other people who have worked extensively on this project.
The event will run from July 3 to 14 in Gwangju, some 330 kilometers south of Seoul, and its satellite towns.
By way of illustration, Weizman inscribed the actual footprints of those places--labeled TEHRAN, TARIH, and so on--into a Gwangju intersection through a series of painted concentric orbits so that these democratic "turns" can be read as a model for a new Copernican Revolution.
Bangkok bears a striking resemblance to Gwangju three decades ago.
RICHARDSON, Texas -- TXP-TEXAS PROTOTYPES, Inc, global provider of prototyping electronics manufacturing services (EMS) for original equipment and contract manufacturers, and the Republic of Korea's Gwangju Metropolitan City, Photonics 2010 Initiative have entered into a mutual business and investment cooperation relationship.
Contract awarded for 2016 Year of Gwangju Student Educational Cultural Center cleaning services
27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- "2014 Gwangju ACE Fair" has been celebrating its 9th inviting 424 companies from 40 different countries at Kimdaejung Convention Center on Sep.
North and South Korea marked Wednesday the sixth anniversary of their first-ever inter-Korean summit with the beginning of four-day joint celebrations in the southwestern South Korean city Gwangju.
Yongwoo Lee, the general artistic director of the Gwangju Biennale 2004, certainly came up with an original and courageous take on the problem: Starting from the insight that viewers are equal partners in the making of an artwork, he decided to pair each invited artist with a "viewer-participant," an individual unconnected to the artist and his or her work (or rather, since the viewer-participants were selected first, to pair each viewer-participant with an artist according to the aesthetic inclinations, or other relevant attributes, of the former).
Implementing agency : Gwangju Metropolitan City Office of Education Sangil Girls~~ High School