guy cable

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a cable, wire, or rope that is used to brace something (especially a tent)

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Characteristics of three television towers and the landscape that surrounded each in central Chacteristic WILL WAND Tower Variables Tower Height 2 82 ma 379 m Number of Wires 27 24 Guy-Wire Length 6202 m Not determined (b) Number of Flashing Lights 3 13 Number of Steady Lights 12 0 Light-Pulse Frequency 30/min 40/min Light Color Red White Construction Color Red/White Steel Landscape Variables Ground Elevation 210 m 209 m Distance to Water Source 5.
Specifics such as the size of the tower and the hinge, and the placement and size of the guy wires and guy-wire anchors are just a few of the things that require at least some degree of engineering.