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a whitish rubber derived from the coagulated milky latex of gutta-percha trees

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As a sealer based on a resin, Gutta Flow has a homogenous structure with particles of gutta-percha that allow leakage of the sealer in the open dentin tubules and lateral canals, and complete obturation of the space between the canal wall and the guttapercha point [16].
Alternative solvents to chloroform for guttapercha removal.
The materials Apexit and Sealapex are calcium-hydroxide based while the GuttaFlow is a sealer based on polydimetilsiloxane with the addition of powdered guttapercha.
The initial "Haskell" ball had rubber thread wound around a solid natural rubber core and was covered with guttapercha.
These exploits yielded a host of results: monuments were measured, inscriptions copied, reliefs cast in guttapercha, objects large and small retrieved and shipped home to museums and to finance future excavations.
Endodontic studies recommend that the guttapercha cones should be decontaminated before being placed within root canals.
Microbial leakage of guttapercha and resilon root canal filling material: a comparative study using a new homogeneous assay for sequence detection.
For post space preparation, guttapercha was removed from the pulp chamber using a thin straight fissure.
Once the guttapercha was removed the canals were irrigated alternately using 1% sodium hypochlorite and 17% EDTA with ultrasonic agitation.
6) The 1871 government annual report listed exports as guttapercha, india rubber, beeswax, trepan (holothurian), sago, gold, rice, camphor, and bezoar stone (Noboru 2010:41).
The guttapercha trial point should go fully to the constriction, and a slight tug-back should be felt when the point is removed (retention form).
As an example of these new types of cones, we find TP guttapercha (Dentsply-Maillefer).
A barrier is achieved at the coronal aspect of a fracture line by preparation of a stop with non-setting CaOH or Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) and the coronal canal is obturated with guttapercha [Bramente et al.
Correspondence relating to rubber, guttapercha, celluloid, asbestos, etc.