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a whitish rubber derived from the coagulated milky latex of gutta-percha trees

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The waterproofing agent guttapercha is a natural substance similar to what?
The materials Apexit and Sealapex are calcium-hydroxide based while the GuttaFlow is a sealer based on polydimetilsiloxane with the addition of powdered guttapercha.
The initial "Haskell" ball had rubber thread wound around a solid natural rubber core and was covered with guttapercha.
These exploits yielded a host of results: monuments were measured, inscriptions copied, reliefs cast in guttapercha, objects large and small retrieved and shipped home to museums and to finance future excavations.
In the 1880s demand for telegraph cables--and hence for guttapercha --had levelled off and this had an impact on Sarawak's gutta percha exports (as shown in Figure 2), and also in a reduced state of trade across the Baram as a whole, as shown at Figure 1.