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As Broom snakeweed Gutierrezia sarothrae As Britt& Rusby Threadleaf snakeweed Gutierrezia microcephala As (DC.
Within each plot, the presence/absence (frequency) of Coleogyne, Yucca, Encelia, and Gutierrezia plants was recorded.
Association with mature plants protects seedlings from predation in an arid grassland shrub, Gutierrezia microcephala.
Specifically, Gutierrezia sarothrae density was highest in both treatments at both soil surface and 3 cm depths (0.
The three most common dominant herbaceous species were Artemisia tridentata (big sagebrush), Gutierrezia sarothrae (snakeweed), and Bromus tectorum (downy chess grass); and the three most common dominant overstory and understory species were Juniperus monosperma (one-seed juniper), d.
Gutierrezia sphaerocephala Gray, Roundleaf, snakeleaf (HS, R).
For characterizations of habitat, we recorded whether the lizard was in the open or under one of four types of plants: Prosopis, Ephedra, Gutierrezia, or other plant.
Habitat was characterized by scattered shrubs including Chrysothamnus nauseosus (rabbitbrush), Sarcobatus vermiculatus (greasewood), and Gutierrezia sarothrae (snakeweed), and an assortment of weeds on the roadside and severely deteriorated grassland of the Ninemile Valley adjacent to road 804 (Walker et al.
According to structural matrices of discriminant-function analyses, bare ground was the most important determinant of differences in 2001 and 2002, and Gutierrezia was the most important determinant in 2003.