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United States folk singer and songwriter (1912-1967)

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The concert had, in fact, been planned before Guthrie died, as a fundraiser for his wife Marjorie's campaign for research into Huntington's, which had not only killed Guthrie's mother but also afflicted most of the children he had with his first wife, Mary.
It is perhaps ironic that the Spanish Civil War song for which Guthrie is best known is one that he did not write.
The industry was booming and, with the impact and influx of the industry in Northern Ontario, it was hard not to come back because the opportunity was so great," said Guthrie.
The original Guthrie was built on the property of the Walker Art Institute at 725 Vineland Place.
Guthrie Tuesday in the Douglas County Courthouse by a judge.
Evan Guthrie Law Firm is licensed to practice law throughout the state of South Carolina.
Woody Guthrie, the iconic American folk musician, singer-songwriter, and champion of the proletariat, wrote this novel in 1946 and 1947.
A few years ago, the Smithsonian Institution honored Guthrie and defended his left-wing views: "Woody's political outlook paralleled that of many Americans, who, beset with hard times, questioned the very basis of the American system.
Kaufman points out that Guthrie "sang--with growing hostility--about Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal" and states that his "Woody Sez" column in the Communist People's World "had become noticeably anti-Roosevelt by late 1939" (21).
Those who feel they have come to know the real Woody Guthrie through reading his autobiographical novels Round for Glory (New York: E.
And then there's a wry Guthrie come-on line sung by My Morning Jacket's Jim James: "I need a progressive woman," he croons, "I need a socially conscious woman to ease my revolutionary mind.
DANNY GUTHRIE feels that Newcastle United's season is still alive and kicking - but knows that the time has come to back up words with actions.
As he pledged to focus on neighborhood stability, affordable housing and dealing with foreclosures, Douglas Guthrie won City Council confirmation Wednesday to become the city's new director of the Department of Housing.
Prophet Singer: The Voice and Vision of Woody Guthrie.
He explains that Guthrie equates Christ to a socialist fighting for a workers' cause: 'Jesus Christ was a man who traveled through the land, / A hard-working man and brave.