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German printer who was the first in Europe to print using movable type and the first to use a press (1400-1468)

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Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, membre de l'Association des compagnons de Gutenberg.
UNAM's Vice-Chancellor, Professor Lazarus Hangula, explained at the handing over ceremony in Windhoek on Monday that the whole process started with his visit to the Johannes Gutenberg University in 2010.
info revealed on Thursday that publishing technology providers Gutenberg Technology and Pearson UK, providers of educational content, curricula, assessment, training and information systems, has launched vocational course content Digital Textbooks for Windows 8.
The events of next week will help determin whether we end up with something close to the glorious vision of a future when everyone has access to the web or when where the ITU conference goes about ripping up the legacy that Johannes Gutenberg left us.
In THE NEW AMERICAN article "The Internet: Gutenberg Press 2.
The fair, which is sponsored by Project Gutenberg, the World Public Library and the Internet Archive among others, celebrates online readership and refers to itself as "the Literacy Revolution.
A group of 22 students from the Johannes Gutenberg University visited Sharjah last month (from February 27) on a field trip as part of the course curriculum in Geography.
Let's begin with Johannes Gensfleisch zu Laden zum Gutenberg.
Minister Karl Theodor Zu Gutenberg underscored Tuesday important role of the
1987: The first volume of the Gutenberg Bible was sold in New York for pounds 3.
German Defense Minister Karl Theodor zu Gutenberg answered his visitors' questions.
To be sure, the synthesis of that DNA molecule and its insertion into a functioning cell is an amazing technical feat, comparable perhaps to the Gutenberg Bible.
Par ailleurs, on doit a Gutenberg l'invention d'une methode << pour multiplier les lettres en les fondant a partir d'une matrice placee dans un moule >> (p.
The title tells you that he for one thinks the Google technology has significant parallels with the way the Gutenberg press in the 15th century helped to spur on the Renaissance.
com Asia - Gutenberg PR - Ameya Sirur, ameya(at)gutenberg.