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Synonyms for emotion

Synonyms for emotion

a complex and usually strong subjective response, such as love or hate

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Mum-of-two Elaine, who owns the store and runs the sub-post office in Seamill, Ayrshire, said: "It was a gut reaction.
They, and his girlfriend, advised him to go with his gut reaction.
Last year my gut reaction was to walk away and I jumped the gun.
When surveying the dismantling of tradition that has occurred on the Dodgers in the wake of their purchase by the Fox Group, Hershiser said of his gut reaction, ``It's a grieving: The old neighborhood is gone.
I always like to get a gut reaction from the jockey and Olivier felt a mile and a half would not be problem," said Gosden.
We'll have a gut reaction about whether or not we believe in them and think they're worth the money, but without really knowing why.
You must not decide this case on the basis of emotion, sympathy, prejudice or gut reaction but squarely on the evidence and only on the evidence,'' he said.
Brad said: "What I remember most about my early years is my gut reaction to being groomed as that year's cutie-boy.
Clearly the GOP is in touch with the gut reaction of millions of Americans and there's nothing wrong with repealing the tax code.
My gut reaction is not positive to that,'' Hansell said.
POPPING a mint after downing a fizzy drink is a lunchtime tradition - but it's giving Irish diners a gut reaction they'd rather forget.
I now feel much more comfortable with my gut reaction to not watch anything Gumbel is associated with.
My gut reaction is I hope they lose their jobs and bonuses.
My gut reaction was, what are my colleagues up to now?
I'm amazed there's a type of killer with this as his MO because my gut reaction is that this would be pretty much a one-off.