Gustav Robert Kirchhoff

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German physicist who with Bunsen pioneered spectrum analysis and formulated two laws governing electric networks (1824-1887)

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Apart from Gustav Robert Kirchhoff Award, the annual IEEE ISCAS 2009 also presented other Technical Field Awards to 20 outstanding researchers.
Nearly 150 years have now passed since Gustav Robert Kirchhoff first advanced his Law of Thermal Radiation.
The advent of universality is reviewed through the writings of Pierre Prevost, Pierre Louis Dulong, Alexis Therese Petit, Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier, Simeon Denis Poisson, Frederick Herve de la Provostaye, Paul Quentin Desain, Balfour Stewart, Gustav Robert Kirchhoff, and Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck.
The author would like to thank Bernadette Carstensen for the illustrations of Gustav Robert Kirchhoff and Balfour Stewart.