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German physicist who with Bunsen pioneered spectrum analysis and formulated two laws governing electric networks (1824-1887)

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At this point, the work of Gustav Kirchhoff [6,7] must be discussed, especially as related to his treatment of reflection.
Slowly, arguments initially advanced by men like Gustav Kirchhoff [26] and James Jeans [27, 28] began to reemerge.
When Gustav Kirchhoff was contemplating the origin of the solar spectrum [1], he was probably unaware that structures beyond the photosphere also had the ability to emit continuous spectra.
As Gustav Kirchhoff understood [1], Fraunhofer lines are produced when light is absorbed by gaseous atoms located above the level of the solar surface where the continuous photospheric spectrum is emitted.
Gustav Kirchhoff thought that the solar photosphere was either liquid or solid [43].
Contrary to Gustav Kirchhoff [1, 2], Balfour Stewart, in 1858 [6], stated that radiation in thermal equilibrium depends on the constituents involved and his treatment did not lead to a universal function.
Conversely, Gustav Kirchhoff [2-4] reaches the conclusion that the emissive power of a body is equal to a universal function, dependent only on its temperature and the frequency of interest, and independent of its nature and that of the enclosure.
If this is the case, it is because of shortcomings in the work of Gustav Kirchhoff [5, 6] which have previously been overlooked [7].