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French writer of novels and short stories (1821-1880)


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Respecto de estas ultimas, en cientos de ocasiones el editor corrio con la misma suerte que el autor (recordemos los casos de Charles Baudelaire o de Gustav Flaubert, o mas recientemente, el de Jorge Cuesta y su revista Examen).
Two focal readings are of French writers, Stephane Mallarme and Gustav Flaubert, and Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu, but in other chapters Babuts considers Van Gogh, Proust, Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Faulkner, and Homer.
I want to end where I began--or nearly--with my favourite French novelist, Gustav Flaubert.
Style is everything," literary master Gustav Flaubert is frequently paraphrased as having said.
He has almost as much fun with "Gentle Jesus," the Son of Man androgynized--"how strong and yet how lovely and lissome in his limbs," as Gerard Manley Hopkins said in a sermon in Lancashire in 1879--but most of all he enjoys telling us about crooked fingers, green carnations, velvet ties, pink tattoos, gondoliers, and poodles; horseback riding and excessive use of the sewing machine; Jane Austen's Rear Admirals, Charlotte Bronte's love letters to Ellen Nussey, Nikolai Gogol's confession to a priest, and Gustav Flaubert in the baths of Cairo; Leaves of Grass, Billy Budd, The Wind in the Willows, Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market," and Owen Wister's Virginian