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the last king of Sweden to have any real political power (1882-1973)


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One newspaper said that Mr Douglas-Home had asked that the engagement be officially announced in connection with the visit, but had been refused at the last moment by Princess Sibylla and King Gustaf Adolf, her grandfather.
Bertil's eldest brother, Gustaf Adolf, died in 1947, leaving Bertil to become Regent.
The following year, Mr Robinson became the first Briton to receive the title Honorary Consul General, which was bestowed on him by King Gustaf Adolf of Sweden.
His oldest brother, Prince Gustaf Adolf, died in a plane crash in 1947 and his second-oldest brother, Sigvard Oscar Fredrik Bernadotte, had married a commoner, removing him from the line of succession notes (http://www.
Liverpool's International Nordic Community is planning an open day at the Gustaf Adolf church, which is threatened with closure.