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a metal plate used to strengthen a joist


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a piece of material used to strengthen or enlarge a garment

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2009) also investigated single span cold formed steel purlins that were connected using gusset plates.
Connections with 10 mm thick gusset plates and 50 mm chamfers showed similar behaviour to those with 16 mm thick gusset plates but without chamfers.
The lateral torsional buckling of gusset plates was found to range from 48% to 77% and the maximum flexural failure in the connected members was found to be 84% of the moment capacity of the connected members.
Typical failure modes for connections using gusset plates are the same as in beam-to-beam connections: local buckling in beam, column sections and gusset plate, elongation of boltholes.
Eight specimens were with gusset plates and the other two were connected without them (using hinged connections) (Fig.
There is a wide variety of techniques to connect cold formed sections using gusset plates, rivets, self-drilling screws, bolts, mechanical clinches or welds;
beam and column web (2), gusset plate (3) in bearing;
the thickness, shape and geometry of the gusset plate and angles;
Although in his opening statement he was careful to say that, "We have not yet determined the probable cause of the accident," he went on to call 16 underdesigned gusset plates the "critical factor that began the process of this collapse.
The rail was joined to the post by means of gusset plates and staples.
Furthermore, application of glue in the gusset plates could at least double the moment resisting strength of such joints.
For gusset-plate joints, an increase in length of the gusset plate from 4 to 8 inches increased the moment capacity for both glued and unglued joints, but a further increase of the length did not result in any significant increase in the strength.