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a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher

each of the first ten leaders of the Sikh religion

a recognized leader in some field or of some movement

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A series of remarkable events transpired that led me on a spiritual quest in the land of my birth, where I spent four years in intense meditation and contemplation under Guruji.
This time Guruji advised him to steer clear of this fraud for it affected the lives of more than just one family - with daals selling at 200 rupees or more per kilo, the shooting prices seem to have given rise to a completely new industry but there is no way that this will make it to the media.
I want to see your photos on these walls," guruji says.
Other astrologers on YouTube, such as Guruji, prescribes mantras or prayers to remove black magic curse, not sex.
It took me and my Guruji (Mahabali Satpal) two weeks to finally decide on increasing my weight category.
In my Fulbright work, the ancient form of the Naga would use more advanced techniques of repousse, and to realize this vision I needed to advance my study with my guruji, repousse master Rabindra Shakya.
Portraits of Pattabhi Jois decorate the walls; their dear guruji and friend came from India to bless the studio.
I wonder if anyone remembers the shop owners Salman binHusain Al Matar or the tenant's Guruji Tailors?
Guruji has taught us what life is and how to face it.
At the end of the ceremony they hailed each other with the new greeting 'Wah Guruji Ka Khalsa- Wah guruji Ki Fateh'.
Sister Clare said the order was created in 1917 by Fujii Guruji, a Buddhist monk in Japan who worked with Mahatma Gandhi and who, before he died in 1985 at age 100, urged his followers to build pagodas for peace.
When he was released from jail by the mogul emperor Jahangir along with 52 Hindu princes, Guruji returned to Amritsar in 1620 and the Golden Temple was illuminated in honour of his release.
They are: regular permanent teachers in formal primary schools; the Shiksha Karmi who is recruited on probation by Janpad Panchayat for the formal primary schools at about half of the remuneration compared to the regular teacher; and temporary EGS Guruji, a local teacher, nominated by the community and the Sarpanch.
In another instance, a man claimed how he was saved from a major accident from a speeding lorry due to the grace of guruji.