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Synonyms for guru

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a Hindu or Buddhist religious leader and spiritual teacher

each of the first ten leaders of the Sikh religion

a recognized leader in some field or of some movement

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Despite obvious conflicts of interest, Maharishi paid no mind and declared everyone could work together for the glory of Guru Dev (Maharishi's guru).
According to local officials, the Jai Guru Dev sect organised a two- day ' samagam' ( congregation) at Domari village in Chandauli district which began on Saturday.
Or how about Coronation Street's corner-shop guru Dev Alahan?
In Bellamy's People, the Birminghamborn broadcaster plays a trio of comedy characters consisting of a self-appointed Muslim community leader Mr Khan, a wannabe DJ, MC Raa and the wisdomimparting Guru Dev Gattacharjiya.
I also play Guru Dev, a mystic who's a bit of a conman, and Mr Khan, a self-appointed Muslim community leader.