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a member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 years

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a member of Hindu people descended from brahmins and Rajputs who live in Nepal

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FORMER Gurkhas are being taken on as UK aid workers to deliver fresh water in their earthquakehit homeland of Nepal.
To become a Gurkha is not an easy task; one must possess the required level of devotion and commitment along with the physical and mental strength needed to bear through extremely tough and challenging conditions.
Actress and Gurkha campaigner Joanna Lumley was among the guests.
The ceremonial stone monument, known as a Chautara, bears the regimental badges of every Gurkha unit since 1815.
Bramcote Barracks near Nuneaton is home to a large number of Gurkha troops, most of whom return to Nepal after their army careers.
Sharing the line with Trax at Pithampur near indore, the Gurkha is utilitarian inside.
The Pune based Force Motors has introduced the new Trax Gurkha 4x4 in three variants which are powered by 2.
Major Laurence Roche, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said: "I am saddened to report the deaths of two soldiers from 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles who were shot and killed by a man wearing an Afghan police uniform at a checkpoint in the Nahr-e Saraj district of Helmand Province.
THE Gurkhas cost British taxpayers more than any of our other soldiers, a top Tory MP warns today.
Rifleman Sachin Limbu, 23, from 1st Battalion, The Royal Gurkha Rifles, died at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on Monday.
The fund is made up of equal contributions from the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Ministry of Defence and the Gurkhas, will be provided to Aldershot and other areas, which comprise large Gurkha population.
Meantime, at a barracks in Kent, another young Gurkha was keeping a low profile, somewhat confused about being "notorious" to the outside world and "an embarrassment" to British diplomats.
ON BEHALF of The Gurkha Welfare Trust Northern Branch, thanks to members of the Malay and Borneo Veterans Tyneside Branch and trust volunteers who organised an Awareness and Fundraising Stand at the Killingworth Centre next to Morrison's Supermarket on Saturday September 17, 2011.
The current strength of Brigade of Gurkhas, the collective term for Gurkha units of the British Army, stands at 3,640 strong.
IF A man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha.