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a member of the Nepalese force that has been part of the British army for 200 years

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a member of Hindu people descended from brahmins and Rajputs who live in Nepal

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The murdered last King of Nepal where the doughty Gurka fighters come from was also a British FM.
Reassigned RHPs Justin Miller, Jose Ortega and Gus Schlosser; LHPs Buddy Boshers, Yohan Flande and Jason Gurka and C Tommy Murphy to their minor league camp.
Frommer LJ, Gurka KK, Cross KM, Ingersoll CD, Comstock RD, Saliba SA.
Eran como robots; un gurka pisaba una mina y volaba por el aire, y el que venia atras no se preocupaba en lo mas minimo, pasaba por la misma zona, sin inmutarse, y a lo mejor tambien volaba el.
El reino de Videha llego a su fin cuando la British East Indian Company y el Rey Gurka de Nepal firmaron el Tratado de Sigauli en 1816, que dividio el territorio nepali en dos mitades desiguales.
Gurka (2002), "Are Taxpayers Increasing the Buildup of Retirement Assets?
Our products use ingredients with proven results that are specially formulated to deliver beneficial nutrients directly where they can do the most good," executive vice president Dennis Gurka says.
Female adolescents with disabilities are at an increased risk for forced sex, possibly due to complicated caregiver roles or social isolation from peers (Alexander, 2006; Casteel, Martin, Smith, Gurka, & Kupper, 2008).
Bridesmaids were Courtney Chester, Kerry Gayhr, Caroline Glenn, Marie Gurka, Amanda McClung, Kelly Palmer, and Dianne Wilson.
Of course in England we would not do that because we comply with laws, so in the Gurka regiment in Folkestone the demon is represented by a cucumber with sticks for legs and that is cut in two.
Overall demand for store brands is up, especially on the high-end skincare side, says Dennis Gurka, vice president of Calabasas, Calif.
see Tomaselli [10] for p = q, Gurka [3] for p < q), and the conditions [A.