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a group of Niger-Congo languages spoken primarily in southeastern Mali and northern Ghana


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Direach airson dearbhadh gur e fiorfhireannach a bhitheas gan cleachdach, tha sibhse a' tuigsinn.
A graduate from Y[euro]nAld[euro]nAz Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering in Turkey, Gur brings vast knowledge of the project business and regional experience having spent over 20 years in leadership positions within the region.
Commenting on his latest appointment, Gur said: "I am excited to lead Philips Lighting through an inspiring phase in time and to build further on our regional operations.
Gur most recently resided in North Carolina, in a house valued at $1.
There exist plural marketing relations between producers and commission agents at gur and vegetables markets which will be discussed in the following sections.
Respondents said they want a single-party government for stability and the economy," Gur told Reuters.
1 tea-spoon (4 gms) of gur contains about 4-5 mg calcium, 8 mg magnesium, 48 mg potassium, 2-3 mg phosphorus and 0.
I was so involved in celebrating our brave new culinary world that I regarded Jewish cuisines as a means to an enda playing field for Israeli chefs, fertile ground on which the nascent Israeli cuisine could thrive," Gur writes in her new book.
District administration official said that on tip off, the administration officials raided over Gur centers for producing low standard stuff in way off area of Peshawar Chabyan of Dalazak Road.
Gur, has considerable demand for household consumption in the Pakhtun inhabited rural areas in Mardan, Swabi, and Charsadda districts.
leading to fab things such as notun gur ice cream, which you must take
Addressing the press conference, Goktug Gur said: "Schneider Electric offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions.
The market will be bullish on most commodities such as gold, silver, refined soya oil, wheat and gur due to festive demand.
As the Swedish Chef might say: "Hur de gur de gur de hur gur.
Creideadh trath gur fhill anamacha linbh marbha mar cheolairi