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small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies

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It's unclear why female guppies in this stream rely so much on old sperm, says Tim Birkhead of the University of Sheffield in England.
In attempting to argue that the lifecycle of the guppy is an apt metaphor for the poetic process--and therefore that a tank full of guppies is the perfect addition to a poet's studio--I discover that the guppy is a member of the family Poeciliidae, is in fact Poecilia reticulata.
Soares filmed nine guppies from the wild to analyse their jumping behaviour and found that the fish started from a still position, swam backwards, then changed direction and flew into the air.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Guppies in the wild have evolved over at least half-a-million years - long enough for the males' coloration to have changed dramatically.
As a girl I was more likely to be found at the local creek, catching guppies, than buried in a book and when I did read, it was wildlife magazines and the Atlas of the World that kept me interested.
Guppies swim around inside, happily unaware of their new identity as part of a work of art.
THERE'S a story even about the guppies that look at you tentatively from the little square jars they share with tiger orchids on each table at Fenix, the all- day dining restaurant at The Oberoi Mumbai.
Piglets, puppies, guppies and cats are cartoon-like, simplified more than other more naturalistic representations such as the kitten, alligator and polar bear; while the dolphin, cottage, snake and butterfly have been stylized to a degree by populist graphic idioms.
What fundamental biological difference separates guppies from most other tropical aquarium fish?
Soon Lopez-Fernandez had his own tank, and befriended the owners of a local fish shop, who teased him about buying guppies and other "beginner" fish rather than "real" ones.
ANIMALS Little frog on a log, Baby kitten, Warm as my mittens, Little puppies, Cute as guppies .
In view of these, the predatory efficiency and prey selection of the sewage drain inhabiting guppies was assessed using the larvae of Cx.
Minnows, sticklebacks and guppies are capable of the same intellectual feats as rats or mice.
Josephine De la Vega of the Bureau of Fish and Aquatic Resources said a tropical country like the Philippines is a perfect breeding ground for ornamental fish like koi, goldfish and guppies.
Hermit crabs are pounds 9, guppies cost just pounds 2 and the red tail sharks are pounds 4.