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German writer of novels and poetry and plays (born 1927)

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Decia Gunter Grass a los traductores de su obra: "Hagan lo que quieran, sean libres.
A su vez, Gunter Grass hizo en 1966 una relectura de Coriolano y coloco a Shakespeare en el corazon de la agitacion politica de sus dias: Los plebeyos ensayan la insurreccion retrata la primera rebelion obrera sucedida en un pais comunista, Alemania Oriental, en 1953.
The catalogue of images from such artists as Ralph Steadman, Maurice Sendak, Art Spiegelman, David Suter, Brad Holland, Jean-Jacques Sempe, Gunter Grass, Tomi Ungerer and Keith Haring leave a lasting impression on the reader.
From Germany to Germany: Journal of the Year 1990 by Gunter Grass, translated by Krishna Winston (HOUGHTON MIFFLIN HARCOURT, 2012)
Past winners of the award include Carlos Fuentes, Gunter Grass, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster and Leonard Cohen.
Most recently, the issue was stirred anew by famed German author Gunter Grass, who penned a poem severely critical of Israel's policies and of Germany's sale of submarines to the IDF.
German Nobel literature laureate Gunter Grass touched off a firestorm of protest last Wednesday with a poem accusing Israel of plotting Iran's annihilation.
Sweden, April 10 -- Noble laureate Gunter Grass has been declared persona non grata by Israel for criticizing Netanyahu government policy.
The production is presented as a sequence of follies, inspired by surprising sources as eclectic as Gunter Grass, Hitchcock, Bugs Bunny and iconic sitcom Are You Being Served?
http:// Inspirations come from all over the place - Hitchcock's 1936 film Sabotage, based on Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent; Italian satirist Dario Fo and Nobel Prize-winning German author Gunter Grass.
TOLD by an Idiot' theatre company's new comedy is inspired by such diverse sources at writer Gunter Grass, film maker Alfred Hitchcock, cartoon character Bugs Bunny and the television series Are You Being Served?
The Noble Prize- winning German author and playwright Gunter Grass spent three months with the artist in Kolkata in 1986- 1987; the result of the stay was his book, Show Your Tongue .
The Box by Gunter Grass (Harvill Secker, pounds 16.
Turkish novelist Yasar Kemal and German author Gunter Grass will meet with readers in Istanbul on April 15 within the scope of the "European Literature Goes to Turkey / Turkish Literature Goes to Europe" project implemented under Goethe Institut's "Cultural Bridges" program.