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someone who makes or repairs guns

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I would like to get the pistol repaired, so I am looking for a gunsmith who knows about P.
For starters, military and civilian gunsmiths must have a 2-year certification in gunsmithing or machining.
The fire was contained to the building by 11pm but until then Norman Clark Gunsmiths, which contains an ammunition store, was at risk of catching fire.
Lancaster County gunsmiths were craftsmen who excelled at producing exquisite, hand-made pieces incorporating highly refined artistic carving, engraving and inlaying while at the same time satisfying the need for accurate hunting weapons," said James Lewars, museum site director.
I have been researching my husband's family history, his mother's ancestors, the Birds, lived in that area and were gunsmiths so we are particularly interested, as I'm sure a lot of other people are.
Being combat arms and gunsmiths are really two different worlds.
Their gunsmith in South Dakota, gunsmith in Missouri, and gunsmiths around the Midwest are always available to provide repairs, cleaning and customization for various firearms.
He further said it is a good development that a special centre would be set up for the capacity building of gunsmiths and manufacturers of hunting and sporting arms in the country.
PESHAWAR, May 15, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Federal Ministry of Industry approved setting up of Common Facility Training Center (CFTC) proposed by Pakistan Hunting and Sporting Arms Development Company (PHSADC) with the objective of imparting training to gunsmiths in modern techniques for achieving value added products.
Part of the reason for taking on this project was because all of the gunsmiths I talked to were unwilling to work on this gun because of the unfortunate butchering that I did to the rifle a long time ago.
Birmingham and the engineering heritage of the Midlands were largely built on the efforts of the gunsmiths and blacksmiths of Birmingham.
The weapons auctioned in London, were made for him by top gunsmiths James Purdey & Sons, E J Churchill, Watson Brothers and Holland & Holland.
The Gun Digest Book Of Exploded Gun Drawings: 975 Isometric Views is a visual reference book especially for collectors, gunsmiths and hobbyists.
A smith works in metal; a whitesmith in tin and iron, there also are blacksmiths, tinsmiths, coppersmiths, gunsmiths.
We sent a boy of 14 to gunsmiths around the country and the ease with which he could buy weapons was deeply worrying.