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someone who makes or repairs guns

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In the coming year, we will be working hard to reach more firearm enthusiasts and to introduce the unique benefits of gunsmithing and firearms technology as lucrative career paths.
Combat arms is to gunsmithing what ice skating is to being an astronaut," he said.
She returned to the United States 6 months later and could not find a gunsmithing job.
3 would be perfect for a town marshal where gunsmithing services are available, as would be railway express if shipping it back to the factory for repairs was necessary.
It's a small part of the gunsmithing business, but women do request it.
As a 2005 graduate of the Murray State College school of gunsmithing in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, I got a big laugh out of the comments about WD-40 and Hoppe's No.
com)-- As one of the finest gunsmithing businesses in the Midwest, the next step for Carl Jarl Group was to become affiliated with one of the largest and most progressive firearm wholesalers in America, Davidson's Inc.
The History of Browning Firearms uses a visual approach to capture the history of one John Browning's contributions to gunsmithing--and shows that Browning's efforts, important as they were, reflected a strong family interest in gunsmithing innovation.
Torres, Special Agent in Charge, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Los Angeles Field Division, announced today a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the firearms theft earlier this month at the Bolsa Gunsmithing federal firearms licensee in Westminster, Calif.
When Davis's great-grandfather began teaching him gunsmithing skills, Davis said he had to make a gun before he could be certified by the American Gunsmith Guild.
He was without a doubt the best-known person in the gunsmithing world at the time because of his gunsmith supply business.
Since the program began in 2010, Brownells has donated $12,000, helping 12 recipients fund their educations at gunsmithing schools across the U.
For as long as I can remember, the National Rifle Association has organized summer gunsmithing courses for hobbyists and practicing gunsmiths alike.
Today the Custom Shop is gone, but Pachmayr still does a brisk business in 1911 parts, gunsmithing tools, snap caps, grips and, of course, Decelerator recoil pads.