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The second is the creation of a gunslinger who never misses and is always faster in every situation.
NEW gunslinger Pistol Di Carbine-io heads for his first Tyne-Wear duel with Alan "Pump Action" Pardew at High Noon.
Yul Brynner is an iconic lead as the black-clad gunslinger assembling a band of heroes to defend a Mexican village from bandits.
Never stand in front of a gunslinger who says he's on your side.
The Gunslinger airframers went above and beyond pride and professionalism in my judgment.
Well, Paste is where you'll find the alts, indies, and lone gunslingers in profusion.
The evolution of new techniques to trap and hunt down these gunslingers is also presented, which makes for a fair, balanced, and just plain fun show.
Tenth anniversary show of the talented and extremely hip young gunslingers.
Now only three of the gunslingers from the 1960 classic Western survive - Robert Vaughn, Horst Buchholz and Charles Bronson.
I only hope that I never feel as threatened by my world as the household gunslingers clearly do.
These gunslingers also handle several campaigns at once, which means that they are making major decisions by phone from out-of-state, often based on fragmentary information about the local situation.
Surrounded by a world of gunslingers, Equis brokers act more like a special forces team.
On top of this, TV networks in the '50s produced a glut of horse operas, filling their programming schedules with frontier tales of marshals ("Gunsmoke"), ranchers ("Bonanza"), gunslingers ("Have Gun, Will Travel"), and covered wagons ("Wagon Train").
is a grab-bag of articles and essays attesting to the variety of rightwing groups, from home-schoolers to gunslingers.
Guests can mingle with saloon girls and gunslingers or kick up their heels to honky-tonk tunes on a Texas-size dance floor.