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The light that a gunsight gives so that human beings may more precisely kill individuals in God's creation--a feeble and solitary match flickering for a fraction of a second--has nothing to do with the light of life that is Jesus.
A Muslim-American soldier, who declined to be named due to fears of persecution, said he was "ashamed" and "horrified" by the writings on the gunsights of weapons he used during deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Although the A-1C and its radar differed radically from the gunsights it superseded, spare parts, spare components, and test equipment did not reach the Far East until mid-1951.
The USAMU supplies the SDM rifles, ammunition and Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights for the SDM classes.
The fleeting thought of Blair and Chirac eyeing eachother through the gunsights of destroyers came t o mind.
Jean, who was born in the Scottish capital, was working in a factory making gyroscopes for gunsights.
I remember every pair of binoculars and all our telescopes and gunsights were trained in a certain direction.
Dubbed the 'boffins behind the beaches', staff at research centres across the UK developed pioneering new technology for the operation, including radar, photo reconnaissance and specialist gunsights.
Those opposed to war will quite rightly fear for the safety of ordinary Iraqi people caught up in the gunsights of the most powerful army ever assembled.
But whether we avoid war for the moment or not, this military machine will keep fixing more targets around the globe in its gunsights.
The litigation is likely to continue into 2002, but unless the USFWS ultimately acts to protect the argali by listing the entire species as "endangered," these magnificent creatures may vanish forever in the gunsights of wealthy trophy hunters.
Meanwhile, image-intensifying binoculars and gunsights have helped deny poachers the cloak of darkness.
To aid young minds that might be bored by mere book-learning, agencies in at least 26 states help organize field trips: children's hunts in which kids get to blast away at doves, deer and other wildlife that fly or amble into gunsights.
LETHALn USApache attack helicopter CASUAL HORROR J The pilot's gunsights lock on to a figure in the middle of a road who is then engulfed in a fireball which kills him
The ACOG uses the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) developed by Trijicon's later founder, Glyn Al Bindon, a pioneer in self-luminous gunsights, who died tragically in a small plane crash on 2 September 2003.