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Synonyms for gunshot

the act of shooting a gun

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The former, at length, got within gunshot and fired.
I was worn out by two days and a night of hard railway travel and had not entirely recovered from a gunshot wound in the head, received in an altercation.
without viciousness, good- natured, generous, born weak, raised poorly, with an irresistible chemical demand for alcohol, still prosecuting his vocation of bay pirate, his body was picked up, not long afterward, beside a dock where it had sunk full of gunshot wounds.
A gunshot suddenly pealed forth and shot its flame into the air.
They done it just out of gunshot, but so everybody could see.
He ran the harder, and in a few seconds would have been out of gunshot.
A party of them came on first, and viewed our posture, traversing the ground in the front of our line; and, as we found them within gunshot, our leader ordered the two wings to advance swiftly, and give them a salvo on each wing with their shot, which was done.
Fearing retaliation, residents often refrain from reporting gunshots, developing a tolerance for the activity and fueling the likelihood of more gunfire in the future.
Authorities were responding to reports that gunshots had been heard in the 200 block of Bryce Canyon Avenue.
Tracy Vallen, a designer who lives directly across the street from where the Altima came to rest, said the sound of screeching tires and gunshots broke the night's silence.
Both illegal fireworks and gunshots have hurt and killed people in past years.
Patrol Officer Theresa Montoya of the Los Angeles Police Department testified that she first came into contact with Jennifer Fletcher on March 18, 1998, when she responded to a report of gunshots at a house in Northridge.
They're gunshots, according to researchers at the Cornell (N.
A growing number of studies reveal that the sound waves produced by gunshots may not always be detected by body-worn transmitters or audio recorders.
Its technology solutions are focused on improving public and community safety by locating gunshots and other explosive events, and ultimately, helping reduce and prevent violent gun crime and improving intelligence-led policing and community policing initiatives.